Process Post 25 - Astro City #35 pgs 2-3
Download the flat file in the attachment in this post.


Now that Astro City #35 has been released (at your LCS and Comixology), I can share more of these fun pages! Written by Kurt Busiek, art by Ron Randall, colors by Pete Pantazis, with letters by Comicraft, cover by Alex Ross. Check out the preview pages here:

(I've been working as Ron Randall's art assistant on Astro City issues 35 and 36, penciling and inking the backgrounds throughout. As an art assistant, I'm not credited, but Ron paid me well and that's what matters! :P)

Step 1: Ron's rough pencils/thumbnail sketches. Ron started out by roughing in everything on his Cintiq and then passed that and the script along to me.

Step 2: I printed out Ron's roughs in NP blue on bristol board, gathered some reference images for the construction vehicles and speedboat, and did the background pencils by hand. I then scanned the pencils, uploaded them into our shared dropbox and Ron added in the pencils for the figures (also done on his Cintiq). After Kurt Busiek (writer) had a chance to look over the page he had some minor revision requests for the page (which Ron roughed in to the pencil stage in blue).

Step 3:  Inks: I once again printed out the page in NP blue on bristol board and inked all the background elements (anything that's NOT a character) with Microns and my Pentel Pocketbrush (best brushpen I've come across so far - the closest thing to inking with a real brush). I scanned and uploaded that to our dropbox and Ron printed out the page thus far onto bristol board, inking his figures by hand with brush and india ink. Lots of back and forth, file-meshing goodness!

Step 4: Colors and letters: masterfully added on digitally by Pete Pantazis, with letters by Comicraft. I would guess that the colors and letters were done in either/both Photoshop or Manga Studio. Very pleased with the final result! Especially knowing how quick these guys had to get it turned around for the deadline.