Process Post 30 - Wedding Minicomic Cover
Step 1: thumbnails - Started out with a variety of compositions for the cover. It's hard choosing one image to represent an entire relationship, y'know? Options 5 and 7 are repeated compositions just with the heads scaled up proportionally. (Since the minicomic was going to be printed so small I decided to make the heads bigger to get more expression on the page. Also, the font throughout had to be extra huge to be legible for grandma!)

Step 2: pencils - Printed the thumbnail on 11x17" bristol board and penciled it up. "My" expression looks really weird and there were too many lines on my now-wife's face.

Step 3: inks - I had fun splashing some black on the trees in the foreground and also fixed the face problems from the previous step. I added a zip-a-tone line effect on Jucel's scarf in Manga Studio.

Step 4: text - Added in the text and voila! 

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