Process Post 31 - Wedding Minicomic Page 1
After intensely scribbling in my sketchbook for several days, I found the story I wanted to tell. It's been a hot second since I've done any writing, so I had to write-draw myself around this story.

Step 1: Thumbnail sketch on 2x3" area on regular ol' printer paper

Step 2: Pencils - as usual, I blew up the thumbnail drawing and printed it at 11x17" and proceeded to lay down some graphite.

Step 3: Inked with Winsor Newton Series 7 #2 brush and 08 Microns.

Step 4: This is the only time I've done this really, but for some reason I decided to wait to do the panel borders digitally. In retrospect, that doesn't make sense to me (I'm literally just adding a step :P)! I also decided to make the "Old Tom" character in silhouette (edited in Manga Studio) to save the "reveal" for the end of the comic. Added in the text bubbles and caption boxes and voila!

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