Process Post 40 - "Herald" playing cards!
I created this design to be used on the backs of playing card sets when playing our upcoming tabletop RPG,

We were successfully funded on Kickstarter (thanks to everyone who supported!) so now we've got TONS of work to do in creating the game. :) If you weren't able to get in on that Kickstarter action, don't worry - the game (and these cards) will be available though the Ravendesk website ( after its completion next year. 

Anywho, step 1: Thumbnail sketch - based on traditional Bicycle cards images, but with the Lovecraft & Tesla twist. 

Step 2: pencils (printed out the thumbnail sketch in non photo blue ink on 8.5x11" bristol) 

Step 3: Inked with microns and zebra brush pens 

Step 4: After scanning, I mirrored the border elements and added in the dot effects in Manga Studio. 

Step 5: Created a border - again like the traditional Bicycle cards one - in Manga Studio 

Step 6: Converted it to blue lines 

Thanks for your support! :D