Process Post 58 - Future Quest background process!
One of the projects from this last month that I CAN talk about is getting to work as Ron Randall's art assistant on Future Quest #10! Just like on Astro City, it was my job to draw the backgrounds. Lots of fun was had!

Process includes:
1) Layout sketch by Jeff Parker (series writer and sometimes artist!)

2) BG pencils by me. (I printed out Jeff's layouts in non-photo blue on bristol board and went from there.)

3) BG inks (sans spot blacks)! Did the inks for this with Microns.

4) BG inks WITH spot blacks (added in Manga Studio) AND Ron Randall's figure pencils.

Typically, I'll add spotblacks by hand with india ink, but I wanted to give Ron the option of changing up the spot blacks if he thought of something better.

Download the PSD in the attachments of this post!

Thanks for your support!