Process Post 66 - Herald #10 sneak peek!
You saw it here first, folks! I just got some delicious colors sent to me by our series colorist, Dexter Weeks, so I figured I'd post a non-spoilery page (they are few and far between). It will leave you wondering, "Who is this mysterious woman?" dun dun DUN!

It may be a while before this comes out in print as Action Lab likes us to have three issues completely finished prior to soliciting them. (Then it takes ANOTHER three months before they show up in stores.) I'm currently halfway through drawing issue 11 and John has finished writing 12 so I've got some catching up to do. As you may have guessed, I've been working on quite a few additional freelance gigs to make ends meet, so I haven't been able to give Herald (the comic) my undivided attention (which does not pay that much being a royalties-only situation). It looks like I'm about to have a window between projects where I can refocus on this series for a bit though.  My goal is to have TPB #4 out by the end of the year.

Process goes from thumbnail drawing, raw scan of the pencils, cleaned up pencils, Dex's colors.

Thanks so much for your support! :D It really empowers me to make this stuff.