Process Post 81 - Hulk postcard
Here's a peek at the creation of the Hulk postcard illo (also used in Marvel TL;DR - World War Hulk) For postcard purposes, I added in some shading, highlights, and gradient business to flare up my pizzazz n' my funkalow flow! That neat lighting effect behind Hulk was achieved by setting a light gradient layer to "color dodge" - definitely gonna try to remember that cuz I like it (and it was easier than it looks)!

Steps are same as th' ushe:
1) pencil + brushpen rough in my sketchbook
2) Inks in Manga Studio with my Wacom tablet for slightly "cleaner" lines.
3) Color separation

4) All dem colors + highlights and shading (on their own layers o' course)

5) Gradient nonsense

Thanks for your support! :D

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