Processing! - 7/28
This week we knocked our heads together until thumbnails for the third issue of Spectre of Tomorrow came out. Almost no cursing and very little blood this time.

Look, don’t question our methods. We’re professionals.

We were at CTCon a few weeks back and Scott and I started talking about our Big Plans for the mega-arc that’ll go from Volumes 13 through 15 -- tentatively titled I DUNNO FOLLOWED BY GIANT QUESTION MARKS -- and completely rearranged, uh, everything about it. It’s the same story with the same beats we’re just coming at them differently so the gut punches will hit like freight trains.

Because we love (hurting) you!

Of course I’d already outlined Volume 13 and started the first issue before we had this conversation. WHOOOOOOPS?


Hey I told you not to question our methods!

So since then I’ve been re-outlining all of Volume 13 and re-writing the first issue haha I’m not bitter, why, what, who said so? No, but really, I got to keep almost everything that was scripted with just a few changes here and there to patch it up for the new progression. I like how it’s shaping up even better than before. There’s space to let some characters have conversations in this version and, without spoiling anything, these are characters you’re going to want to see conversing by the time we wrap up Spectre of Tomorrow.

The main difference is the new version slows things down a bit. Which is funny because that was the intent of my original take, but Atomic Robo stories are usually paced like they’re trying to do a sick jump off a big narrative ramp so there was still too much sci-fi crisis. I mean, the new version has some too, duh, but we’ve got it set to a gentle simmer rather than a roaring boil. And doing that gave us more room to, well there’s no nice way to say this, toy with your emotions. You’ll hate us, but you’ll love it.

This sort of touches on how Gordon Ramsay became such a big influence on my writing -- AGAIN, REFER TO THE ABOVE POLICY, RE: QUESTIONING METHODS -- but I should save that for a fresh post to jump right into it.

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