Procrastination or Progression?

Is it still procrastination if you’re working on something you deem important? I’m still plodding (not plotting, unfortunately) through Project: Write the Book. Settings are being set. Characters are being characterized. Conflicts are… conflicting. Ultimately, yes, the outline is growing. Still, I felt like last week was going to be a breakthrough week. Operative word: was. And then I was wantonly interrupted by an exciting, fun and hard-to-say-no-to idea-cum-opportunity courtesy of my friend, former colleague and creative cohort Kevin.

“What’s the idea?” You ask with—quite possibly in—anticipation. But before I tell you that story, I need to tell you this one (for those with kids who read Captain Underpants, I hope you see what I did there): I love all sorts of storytelling styles. I like contemporary fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, epic fantasy and non-fiction alike. There’s a certain amount of joy that I get out of each genre, whether it’s enjoying well-crafted characters and plot-lines or simply escapism. But above all, and for almost as long as I can remember, comic books have been my favourite medium. My genre of choice. I’m not sure if that’s weird or not, and I don’t really care.

I love all the things I read. All the things. They bring something new and exciting to the table every time. Even re-reading the things. But comics/graphic novels and their sequential storytelling style have always done it for me. Despite a brief hiatus during university I have always been a comic collector. Not an aficionado, by any means, but a fan, to be sure. I attend comic conventions (point of pride: I was the moderator for a panel discussing the reboot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe at the 2002 San Diego Comic Con), and visit my local shop semi-regularly. I am a fan of digital comics, though many diehards would scoff at that, likely in the same vein as those who balk at reading longer form book genres on an eReader. Whatever. I’m happy and hopeful about anything that gives me ready and easy access to the things I want to read.

Anyway, all this to say: I love comics. So, when Kevin says “let’s do a one-week pitch and see what happens,” needless to say, I respond “Hell. Yes.” (Note: Actual Facebook messenger discussion).

So, there it is. Last week Project: Write the Book became larger in scope. It’s still called Project: Write the Book, because who’s kidding who? Project: Write the Book and Write the Comic Book just doesn’t sound right.

Bringing us back to the original question: Is this, truly, procrastination? Am I avoiding progress on my WANIP (work apparently not in progress)? Maybe, but I’m trying to be creative all the same, and that was the main goal I set for myself. That was and is the point of the 52-Week Writing Challenge and why I’m loving the The Writing Cooperative and its members week-in-and-week-out. Sure, I’ve also challenged myself to write a book, but if I happen to squeak a comic book project in there as well, I think I’ll be just as, if not way-the-hell-more happy and proud of my progress.

What are your thoughts? Procrastination or progress? One thing being waylaid by another. Who’s to say whether one is more important than the other? Don’t keep a good idea down, I say. Feed and nurture them if and when you can, whenever, wherever they happen to surface. But at the end of the day (or week, in this case)… write.

This post originally appeared in The Writing Cooperative .