Producing with a capital-P!
This week has been all about producing and leading.  If I didn't have my belt tight enough, this week I was squeezed just enough to bleed a little.  All good pains in addition to the events every other day!  It's been exciting (and exhausting). 

Monday was a special Blackboard - a Gastroenterologist wrote a play to honor his son's memory, but the play was not about his son, but rather losing a loved one  suddenly.  The evening was a tremendous help to the Doctor and the next day, his email was in praise of the community - the Blackboard community.  It was special to him to have an evening for himself to receive this type of feedback.

Wednesday, I sat on a panel of artists and activists using the arts to effect change.  We watched a play by Magaly Colimon-Christopher, "The Hunting Season" on the lengths a Haitian woman went in America to keep her son safe from Police Brutality.  She kept her boy/girl twins hidden in Brooklyn, leading them to believe they were still in Haiti.  Upon her suicide, the sister took the role of "mother" and son went out into the world.  There was trouble on his 18th Birthday, but he survived.  In the end, he suffered the same fate as his father had, dying in a police beating, his crime unknown.

Much OF the discussion was to help college students make change in their own way.  Having began my journey as an arts activist in college and sitting with two activists in similar situations, we were able to share and discuss with the audience what worked for us and what they can do.

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