Production Accounting
As we are getting closer to a release, I'm giving more thought to the production management side of the project. Obviously, as a free-culture project, we need to do things a little differently. In fact, figuring out a good way to do that was a major development driver for starting this project.

This pie was generated from LibreOffice Calc's chart tool, based on a spreadsheet, which is my attempt to match the production pie that I still have posted on our website ( ). Ostensibly, that's for distributing Patreon funds among contributors.

The idea is then to break that down further into individual people's contributions to each "department" (e.g. to the individual cast members under "Voice Cast" or to collect "Character Animation", "Character Rigging", and "Character Modeling" some of each of which was done by Keneisha Perry, although others have contributed to "Character Modeling", including Bela Szabo (original models for principal cast) and Andrew Pray (spacesuits).

Sadly, I cannot recommend LibreOffice's chart tools -- it was insanely difficult to generate this plot, and the program crashed frequently while trying. I think it's just not ready. We may have to generate the charts with a python script.

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