Productivity and shit like that
After yesterday's disastrous meltdown where I got basically nothing of importance accomplished, today rebounded well. 

I did the adulting things I'm supposed to do like clean this mess. More importantly, Gus forgave me for yesterday when I kicked him out of the room after he knocked over a Queen Ann table. He wasn't banned all day, just enough for me to get another 40 minutes under the blankets. But he pouted and never returned until today. So he's back to sleeping in his box on the floor next to my desk which means, I am actually at my desk! 

I proofed through seven chapters today of "Miscarriage of Justice."

And though I haven't promoted it through the usual channels to try and keep my main Twitter and Facebook less porny than they were, I uploaded previews of Axel Braun's porn parody of Cinderella. So if you're in that kind of mood or just want to see how well they do costumes where TV shows with budgets fail, that's over at But again - SUPER NSFW though the porny pics and vid are under an accordion to expand.

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