Prof E and Sadie's Day Out (Pencils)
Hello, everyone!

I hope you had an excellent weekend and are up and raring to go for the week ahead - I spent my weekend down in London meeting up with the wonderful Melissa Trender (artist of both Scarlet Woman tales, my artistic partner on 'Brigantia' and an all-round excellent human being) and getting tattooed, so it was a busy one!

Today I'm very happy to share with you some progress that Robin Hoelzemann has made on her 1-page story for the Splendid! Comics issue #0 - it's entitled 'Professor Elemental and Sadie Bell's Day Out' and is just a nice, sweet little tale about the Professor's sheer obliviousness in the face of peril. Here are her initial pencils (technically, although they were done digitally) - this is the first stage of completing a piece of comic artwork, before moving onto inks to really thicken up those lines and give the artwork depth and contrast.

For a fun game, see if you can figure out what the dialogue's going to look like for this story - comment with your guesses below, the best guess wins a hearty thumbs up from me!

All the best,