Profile: The proud Gomradi. Empire builders par excellence.

A quick note about these background articles before we begin. The terminology is subject to change. As such, any specific term denoting rank or status may change as the story develops. Titles such as "Emperor" should be considered a placeholder; to be fleshed out at some point in the future. I'm using known historical equivalents for the sake of expediency and comprehension. 

In short, it isn't gospel till it's referenced in the comic. 



P.S. This turned out to be more about the structure of the Gomradi Empire rather than the race itself. Maybe I'll get into more biological specifics when we introduce Gomradi characters. 


The Gomradi have built an empire that spans the Astray3 world. Their land holdings being so immense that it is often said the light never fades from its subjects eyes. Despite this astronomical wealth, the Gomradi ever seek to expand their borders. Their ambition to conquer only kept in check by geographical obstacles and rival empires. Chief among these adversaries being Archanaria ( A unitary state-like nation ) and to a lesser extent the predacious Muradjinn.  

The Gomradi Empire itself is racial hegemony with a caste-like substructure. At it's pinnacle is the Gomradi emperor and his family. Supposedly, Gomradi emperors are descended from and ordained by the deified empire's founder, Grom. ( Story for another time. ) Beneath the imperial family are the noble houses. These houses usually bear some blood relation to the imperial line. Below the nobles are the gentry. The gentry encompasses the common classes. Here you'll find rank and file soldiers, bakers, blacksmiths, merchants, farmers, and craftsman of all walks. However, there is still great privilege in being merely born Gomradi. The most destitute Gomradi still holds station above the wealthiest of the race castes. 

Now we come to the subjugated peoples of the Gomradi Empire. These represent races that have either made themselves useful to the Gomradi or are hardy enough to survive their rule. They can be separated into two specific categories; client races and the proletariat. Client races are those with abilities or traits that greatly aid the Gomradi. For example, the Swete are keen eyed avian creatures with a penchant for archery. The Gomradi heavily depend on the Swete for military auxiliaries, scouting, and the operation of ranged weaponry. Having proved their usefulness, the Swete community will be afforded privileges and protection by the greater empire. Thus the awarding of "client" status to a race is a great boon to its people; and a much sought after prize. Nonetheless, a client race member will never attain status equal to the meanest Gomradi citizen. 

Close to the bottom of the empire's hierarchy are the proletariat races. These are people who still maintain sizable populations within the empire's fold; but have no official rank or status. The largest of these races will create pseudo-states under the empire. (  Similar to Satraps under the Persian empire...but with lizard people and such. ) Largely left to their own devices, these micro-nations will wax and wane on the scraps of the Gomradi. And, as subjects of the empire, they will be expected to pay taxes and contribute production tithes. However, living under the empire's heel has some benefits. The Gomradi readily enforce peace between the sub-nations and people may travel freely throughout the empire. Enterprising members of the proletariat classes can even conduct trade and act as merchants under the Gomradi banner. Although, this kind of business will be subject to tariffs and much scrutiny. 

Then there are the dregs of the empire. These consist of the unfortunate peoples who are not numerous enough to exert any kind of collective power and have no rights. Usually the survivors of brutal conquests, persecution, or various pogroms conducted by more powerful nations. This category also include races cultivated for the slave trades. ( Such as the Foth. ) It is a hardscrabble life of eking out a living on the fringes of society for these people. They are universally persecuted and abused by the more prominent races. And nothing will be thought of blaming them for any number of crimes followed by a summary execution. ( There are even cataloged ancestral crimes which may be charged to their descendents to expedite punishment. ) Yet, somehow, they hold onto existence. Living in the shadows.


And there we have a brief summary of the Gomardi Empire. I'll expand on how the empire operates as the story continues. If you would like to read a bit more now, may I suggest checking out the earlier article on the Gomradi military. There is even a little bit of information about Phuungahi in the article. 

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