Profit From My Pain

A group of life long 20-something friends try to convince Izzy, a  reluctant heroin to move on her ancestor's call to point the march of  humanity back towards love. However the oligarchs have a different plan  for Izzy. They know if they can continue to sew fear and separation a  toxic, permanent and profitable social condition will be the final state  of all human kind.

Izzy, paralyzed from mourning the loss of her brother who she  believes died valiantly in a meaningless war wants none of this,  “calling”; One of the oligarchs assassins accidentally pulls Izzy back  in time to ancient Kemet where she discovers their heinous plan to  destroy the spiritual source for protectors in the knowledge of self  like Izzy. For if they can destroy Kemet she will be the last in a line  infinite gods.

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