ProfitUI CE: Raid Curse Alerts

Here is an optional feature that ProfitUI CE raiders may find useful. It was a request from one of our Darq Side members, an adaptation of two separate DarqUI features: Audible Curse Alerts and Detriment Announcements.  You can try it out by choosing the alternate file from the ProfitUI CE Utility updates page (see pic #3).

This is your normal ProfitUI CE Raid window with one extra mouseover widget: a +/- checkbox in the upper left-hand corner (see first pic).  When you enable the feature with the checkbox, all raid curses will play a sound on your computer, and when your own character gets cursed a line of text will go into the chat channel of your choice.

Examples: gsay, raidsay, tellchannel <channelname>

If you have been raiding with other players who use DarqUI, you will already know what this looks like.  There are some raid encounters that can benefit from all raiders having the alerts, so you can keep using ProfitUI CE and also provide the announcements when they are needed.


The announcement feature will always start off disabled when you log in, so you can enable and disable it manually from the Raid window whenever needed.  If you leave the feature enabled after the raid is over, you will still get the channel announcements but not the personal audibles.  The checkbox will always be clickable even if the raid has disbanded.

You can change the default sound and chat channel by editing the file with your text editor.  In pic #2 you can see the values that can be adjusted to your preferences.  I hope you get some value out of this feature, and please post here or at if it gives you any trouble.

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