A profound thanks
I don't really post here as everything I do is on TFGS. However, I wanted to take this extra step just to say thanks to each and every one of you who has supported, continues to support, does support, or will support us.

Thank you. From all of as at TFGS, we are greatly thankful that you all care about true community as much as we do. Since opening this Patreon account and setting milestone goals, we managed to reach the final milestone limit for a consecutive 3 months. One of the milestones has already happened in TFGS: an official contest with actual reward.

As we enter the new year, we will begin evaluating the Amazon S3 platform and other CDN options to deliver content to you faster as well as provide proper backup to the games you want, when you want them. However, we must do this in a manner that works for authors as well as visitors, so that we don't hurt or penalize either.

Because we aren't using an entirely custom system (PHPBB), it will take us time to implement this setup. Please bare with us as we implement this through 2016 and work to migrate old content over.


Cat aka Lashek

TFGS Administration

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