Programme Plan Update

As mentioned on the Enwin's Motors introduction video our plan is to build up until we are able to produce at least one episode a month of Enwin's Motors, The Alternative Car Show and a Road Trip Episode.

Unfortunately the crowd funding on Patreon has not yet yielded enough for us to do any road trips yet this year and to guarantee an episode of all three programmes. We WILL make as many as we can though and ask you to keep spreading the word.

Meantime here's an update on what we're working on at the moment...

The Alternative Car Show

We have another episode of The Alternative Car Show filmed including The Leyland Car Show as well as the Kent Kit and Custom Car Show, so it'll be a longer episode than usual with Steve Hole from TKC magazine and Adam Wilkins from Complete Kit Car both contributing, so you don't want to miss that!


3-Wheeler Mini Series

We planned to do a one off episode of The Alternative Car Show on 3-wheelers, but after filming the 2-Rike and discussing the idea with enthusiasts the response has been such that we have decided to go on to make a 3-wheeler mini series.

 For that reason we are going to take a break on The Alternative Car Show after the summer to make room for the mini series, but we will keep filming more features for the Alternative Car Show to return in the New Year. 


We have had a bit of work to do on the Quantum Saloon which will come in an upcoming episode of Enwin's Motors. Filming the work as I do it and presenting is proving a challenge though so bare with me.

Do look up the Enwin's Motors Facebook page and @EnwinsMotors on Twitter and do please get involved with helping to spread the word. If you like what we do please do tell your friends and share all our links.