Programming for daaaaaays...
Hey everyone! It's freezing here in New Zealand and my little studio is like an ice-box! In spite of that, I've been working on several videos that are in the process of filming and editing. The first video is a tutorial for a magical custom patch called INNACOSMOS. You'll get an early exclusive for that at the start of June before I make it public on YouTube.

The second is a response to a viewer comment from a while back regarding sawtooth waveforms. He claimed that a single operator with a feedback loop is all that's required to produce a sawtooth waveform. I'll demonstrate why this isn't quite the answer and look at better solutions.

I'm also producing a new video series dealing with FM programming workflow. This one will benefit those really wanting to know how to use an FM synth more deliberately rather than accidentally. It will also help those who are understanding my custom patch process but want to set the path for their own explorations.

Finally, I've been programming a few organ and electric piano patches! Why, you ask? Well, as great as E.Piano1 from the classic DX7 library is, I felt it lacked aspects of a real rhodes that I liked. So, I had a go at programming a DX E.Piano and DX Organ of my own and then another and another... I'll upload these as sysex for you all to try in June.

I hope you're all well and warmer than I am! See you in the next video soon