[Progress] Platformer parenting + variable definition
So GMS2 came out with a cool new feature recently that pretty much makes all of my videos technically a bit out of date! Hooray!

You can define variables using a... well... variable definition window attached to objects. This is awesome because it allows you to manipulate the variables in child objects in a simplified way and avoid having to make a create event + script for every new object full of variable definitions. (I should note that doing this still _works_ and is fine obviously.)

Parenting itself has also just gotten a nice upgrade, you can see exactly which events are being inherited now and manually specify to overwrite them which demystifies the workings of the system a great deal.

So my next platformer part will be touching on these things a bit, to clue everyone in to the new cool ways you can do things as well as introduce the very important concept of object parenting. We'll do this by creating a new enemy type based on our original, without having to create a single new script!