So January is coming to an end! I am estimating that I am about 60% through the content needed for a playable alpha. I am about 20 pages and ~5500 words in. I am expecting in the next week to pull the trigger on a release! Very excited. As always, you can follow progress on the Five Fires in my google doc (linked in the post). Later versions will have more info on hip hop culture in the 70s/80s, but until then, think about setting info that you feel you might need to play the game. Definitely drop a note if there are some terms or information that you think is needed just to start playing. Also ping me if there is anything you will want more info on in later revisions of the game. I think the best thing you can view in the game at this time are the different art creation mechanics. While I'm sure there will be some changes in the short term, the structure of the creation mechanics has been proven to be pretty solid in my initial playtests. Thanks again for your support! This is getting progressively more fun to write. :)