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It's been a little slow going, but I have been working hard on this commission for an amazing client.

This past week has been full of obstacles. I have had to deal with my full time job as always, an injured pup, power outages, and rescheduled meetings throwing off my vibe. Through all of this I have managed to put hours into working on this commission every day, whether it be this file, or another one I have been working on for him. It has been both an escape and challenge. Needless to say I am excited about seeing the finished product and revealing in the joy of sleeping in. :] 

If anyone was wondering about the injured pup, his name is Merk and he's okay. He is one of my two pitbulls and he can be a little rough on himself sometimes. He managed to pull a muscle, but with tons of rest and keeping him from running by walking him on a leash, he is healed up and tearing up grass again!