Progress and Reality
Blood Sun Vendetta continues to truck along. Above is the temp intro (will be changing some stuff) for the test scene that I'm working on.

While I'm super happy with the progress, a lot of realities are setting in. Here are my mid-progress takeaways in list form:

  • It's going to happen. Nothing in the list is meant to express doubt of execution.
  • I'm either going to need to cut color, or clean up. Meaning, overall, the series will likely be a "messier" style than the final test scene
  • Between the time it's taken (and will continue to take), and the money I've been paying out to others for their help (currently around 4 months and $2,500 USD) for a 4-minute test scene, I simply couldn't afford the cost of a 15-18 minute episode.
  • The test scene has been hugely informative and helpful in developing a pipeline and assets that will be used throughout the series.
  • Not being able to pay the voice actors sucks...and something that I hope the future will remedy.
  • I'll be breaking down the costs and work-hours once we begin episode #1 for real.
  • As the series will not be monetized, the project is surviving solely on your generous support and whatever money I'm making from other stuff to keep the bills paid.

And that, my friends, is where we're at.

Progress will continue as usual for the test scene. However I may be tempted to recreate it in the more feasible style just to make sure we know what we're getting into before the first episode begins production.

As mentioned before, the dream is that after episode 1, audiences will see the project is happening, that's it real, and hopefully something they want to see continue. That however, is still a long ways off...

Still plenty I can do to prep episode #1 for production, as well as testing effects for the test scene. 

Let's do it.