Progress Line Up
1st Glance! My patrons will see posts 3 days before public will on Patreon.

This won't be available for a few days to those on Facebook or Twitter. My Tumblr followers will see all my work a day after Patreons as a Thank you for the extra support, the extra step of making an account here.

Sanctuary City will be a cast of at least 12 characters and their adventures about the Post-Post Apocalypse World of FallOut. I have a small team that creates  side stories and slice of life with me. This is all an exercise!!!

This will be getting me ready for the panels and graphic/visual novels I am also in the middle of creating a world for. And you will be seeing progress, get 1st looks, and special thank yous for being subscribing support. Even a single dollar will help me but coffee to keep me going!

Chronicles of AmberMist World Coming soon.

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