Progress on the 'cocoon' project
What is everyone working on at the moment? I've been perfecting the horizontally panelled corset pattern that will hopefully be November's pattern offer. I have had it in mind for a while to make an outfit that has concentric circular panels that extend down to the floor from the corset section. A lot of trial and error with this one but I think I'm happy with it now. It's not finished yet as I'm working on a bra section with another bit of funky leather I found - I'll then enter it into the Foundations Revealed competition as the idea is that it evokes the segmented sections of a caterpillar (insects being the theme). I made a segmented hood/scarf thing to go with it too! If I could walk on stilts, seriously, I would have carried on with the panels another metre or so - can you imagine the photo shoot with such a long segmented body? I would have loved that!

Caroline x

P.S It looks better on the body - my mannequin is far too short in the torso...