Progress on Archived Livestream Uploads
Basically, with a bit of effort, a little luck, and lots of info and assistance from Trixter, I've got the conversion, editing and rendering figured out for my archived livestreams so that I'll FINALLY be able to upload them to YouTube! :D

Suffice to say, it's amazing how uncooperative video footage can be. The process I have to go through is... somewhat insane. There's no simple way to describe why I have to go through what I do, but to summarize, the process of getting a file from Open Broadcaster into Sony Movie Studio Platinum without losing frames and without the rendering going screwy or taking literally forever is as follows:

1. Convert the initial MP4 into an AVI using AviSynth to open the MP4 data in VirtualDub and then recompress the video data into a stronger H.264 encoding method using the x264 VFW codecs. Audio data is simply directly copied.

2. Convert the converted AVI file BACK into an MP4 using FFMPEG, directly copying the video stream data and allowing FFMPEG to apply default audio recompression to AAC format, which is what's most suitable for MP4 files.

3. When finished editing in Movie Studio, the final render is done to MP4 using a high rendering profile and a two-pass process.

This took way too much effort to figure out and even still, large 60 FPS videos at 1080p still take many hours to render. Fortunately, most of the livestreams weren't done at 1080p, but to get 60 FPS on YouTube I have to render to at least 720p.

With all of this information in hand, I'm not only ready to start really getting the archived livestreams edited and uploaded, but I'm also ready for launching a new series of videos to run in place of the video blog most of the time, except on weeks when I have something to talk about on the video blog instead. Said video is rendering as I type this and should be about another 7 hours to render (1 hour 13 minutes long @ 1080p 60 FPS), so it should be uploaded and ready to watch before the day is over provided I don't run into any more issues! :)

This information should also help with ADG videos in the future as by going through Step 2 with my captured footage it will actually speed up editing and rendering with Movie Studio in general! :B