Progress on faux leather airbrushing
You could easily do this with a fine rolling sponge if you don't have an airbrush, but it would require a lot more time and careful transparent (read: almost water-clear) passes. Airbrushing is too tedious to film or capture easily in sequential photos, but to achieve this stage I did: 1.) pass of flesh-tone (like concealer makeup) 2.) pass of burnt umber + transparent airbrush medium focusing in the seam areas, 1:1 mixture 3.) pass of burnt umber + desaturated yellow, 1:2 mixture While I did the airbrushing I occasionally smeared drips and scratched texture with a sponge before it dried completely, keeping most of the texture to the seam areas. All of these layers are very fine misting done about 8-10 inches away from the legs. I want to keep some of the metallic showing through. This can only be done outdoors in natural light, imo, to get the correct contrast and temperature shifting of color.