Progress on magic cookies for 1.8.9
Well, i've posted a long time nothing on patreon, sorry for that, it is because i'm working really my ass off to get a first release out for magic cookies forge 1.8.9.

Featuring in it will be classic golems, NPC's you can have conversations with, quests to complete, heaven to get to and explore.The first release will be pretty bare bones, just a few things, fossils that contain relics from an age long past(see above golem), a priest that wanders around that might have a quest for you, several mysterious books to find and hopefully some neat adventure.

As you can see in the image below, i've been working pretty hard, with 148 thousand lines of code modified or added.I thought you might prefer it if I waste my time on coding than writing a post here, but here you go :-) a small update on the progress. 

And forthe builders under us, The strippers are back too, and now have a feature, that allow you to rotate builds.

I experimented with allowing 45 degree turns, but that turned out silly, and would squash or elongate some blocks, as you can see here. So right now only 90 degrees turns are supported into the direction you are facing.

It is calculated relative to the direction you were facing the moment you started copying. 

Also, there are a few puny trees now

Also a few books with maybe a couple of clues to read

And this might make a nice hanging lamp