Progress on Powerpuff Girls VS Batman!
Hey peeps - I've got some good news! I've started work on Powerpuff Girls VS The Goddamn Batman and until it's finished I'm only going to be sharing it with my $5 Patrons. I'll release each page just to $5 Patrons once a week (twice a week if I can churn out more pages a week) until it's finished, and then finally the entire thing publically online. 

The comic is fully scripted and unless I make any on-the-fly edits, it's 50 pages long, so if I'm publishing at least one a week (hopefuly more) it'll be available to the public by January at the very latest.

Here's a preview of the first page for everyone! This comic has been sitting on my to-do pile for ages, and now I have a fancy new computer I'm able to actually put in real work to completing it!