A progress report on Trauma and Crimson Spiral
Hi Guys, just wanted to touch base and let you know where I am with my two biggest projects. 

I've had to look after my parents house this week and unfortunately I've not been able to stream. On the other hand, it has given me time to think about my content and come up with some new ideas.  Something I've been considering is creating polymer models for the trauma monsters and taking professional photos of them for the game.  Obviously this will take more time and effort but I'm absolutely enamored by the idea. imagine the painting above produced with painstaking detail, every pore revealed under precise detail. That being said, I will need to buy polymer clay, airbrush paint and other, smaller things, so I think I'll have to consider it when I'm more financially stable.

In terms of crimson spiral I've been working on the background art for the two premier characters in the game. I've got a demo working in unity but I'm considering moving on to SDL. time will tell.