Progress Report June 2017
 Hello all

This is just a brief update on the direction the project is taking after an amazing Month of Reckoning in May.

Dear Patrons I hope you were happy with seeing an entire chapter actually coming to fruition storyboard wise in May.

To everyone else - Read on this also concerns you!

While Ira Black, the artist who created Chapter 5, is doing a project related to Implant! another scifi story of mine - I am trying out to augment the Reckoning project with two new artists to keep progress on Reckoning going at a good pace.

One is from Mexico and one is from Singapore.

They have submitted pages from different chapters (Chapter 1 and Chapter 4) and delivered a quality I believe we can work with for the posing of the actual 3D frames for the first 6-7 chapters of Reckoning.

I will just let them do their tweeks before I share them with the Patrons.
One is actually doing her trial via paper and sent the picture of her first page from her mobile phone a moment ago :) simply gotta love work mobility like that.

If this works out like expected there is a gvery ood chance we might see two more fully formed chapters relatively soon... Can I hear a YAY for that?

As for the process I have to share a little.

It is so funny to have the artists ask me to explain what I mean by this or that in my story and what is going on in that paragraph and I am like mentally... 

Oops I can't remember - I have to get back to you... while I frantically dig out the paragraph in question and then go all like... 

Ooooh, let me explain to you :)...

It is truly interesting to revisit your work and see it from the readers perspective because they point out things that might be fully formed in your head but that have not fully transformed onto the pages.

I think you will enjoy the work from the new artists so look out for more pages in the near future.

And if you are not a Patron already - Then why not sign up to see an entire chapter storyboard, to be on the inside of what is going on and if you are not happy after 12 months you simply cancel your Patronage and I give you a full refund - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! you got nothing to loose and a lot of enjoyment to gain.

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