Progress report on v2.3
Mastodon v2.2.0 came out on Jan 29, shortly after my Patreon preview post. Here are the changelogs if you missed them. Currently I am making progress on the next release, v2.3.0. I have planned a number of major features for it, so I am not ready to announce a release date yet, however, I can tell you what's already implemented for it:

Limited full-text search! You'll be able to find anything that you already interacted with - your own posts, messages sent to you, your favourites and things you've shared.

Companies/organizations will be glad to hear that PAM, CAS and SAML support has finally landed in Mastodon. LDAP likely to be implemented as well.

Improved installation procedure! Installing Mastodon requires you to fill out some configuration variables, which can be quite a hassle. There is now a new command-line program that will interactively run you through the last installation steps (filling out configuration details, running some last-mile commands).

The way YouTube videos, Bandcamp players etc get embedded into the Mastodon web UI has been improved - instead of embedding it at the time you click on a status, which is bad for privacy because it loads the 3rd party content from your browser straight away, the UI now loads nothing from 3rd party servers before you click on the safe preview.

OpenGraph tags generated by Mastodon have been polished a lot. OpenGraph is what gets displayed when you share a Mastodon link on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Slack, etc - a preview of the content. The tags Mastodon generates for video content is more correct now. Statuses with content warnings will now show both the content warning and the actual text in the preview, as only showing the content warning was a very confusing behaviour for non-Mastodon users. Similarly, if a status has media marked as sensitive and you share the link, it's assumed you know what you're sharing so the preview shows the media. These changes should improve the sharing potential of your content a lot!

A lot of visual details have been polished: colors, contrasts, margins.

The visual artifacts on some GIF avatars should finally be gone now, as the processing routine for those has been improved and optimized.

And here's what's currently awaiting a merge into the master branch as I am writing this post:

An archive takeout function - a way for you to download and backup the entirety of your content from Mastodon - statuses and your media attachments.

Focal points! Letting you specify a focal point on the images you upload so all the apps with varying dimensions know how to crop those images without cutting off important stuff.

I'll let you know when we enter the release candidate phase for this release.

In other news: I have reworked the "getting started" section of In cooperation with, we introduced a number of categories for servers. This should make for a much smoother sign up process.

Furthermore, I have commissioned some articles for our official blog, the first of which is "This Isn’t About Social Media. This is About Control."

Thank you for your support!