Progress report
It took much longer than I'd expected, but the hardcover GBW89 books finally arrived yesterday (after being misrouted to some other city for a few days). I expect to have all books shipped out within the week, so if you are a backer at those levels PLEASE check to make sure your address info is visible to me in the Patreon system! And up to date, obviously. Also, it may be another week or so before I have any more videos produced, but there's a good reason for that: I'm adopting a more efficient production process and building up a stockpile of content. I want Game Boy World to be more regular — at least twice per week — so I've been capturing video from tons of games, writing up a bunch of scripts, and hope to build up a backlog of material. I'll be traveling a lot in the coming months, and that makes it difficult to do normal video production. Hopefully this approach will help keep things ticking away on the regular... and will mean that I can publish Game Boy World 1990 (and the 120-odd games within) in a year or so rather than sometime in 2018. The one downside to this is that binging on a bunch of mediocre games in a single weekend can be rough on my will to live. Pray for me, and that I get to Gradius spinoff Nemesis soon....
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