Progress report, February 2016
I'll try and write one of these a month, to keep you up to date and to keep me honest.

The month has passed with callous indifference to my scheduling needs.  Still, I managed to eke out 8000 words on Pride & Prejudice & Pneumatics, a story of miscalibrated impressions set amid the robot uprising.  More important, I feel like I know where the thing is headed, which means more and faster wordage from here on out.

At last I've got some physical books printed.  I'm not sure where or how to sell them, besides posting on Facebook asking, "Who wants these?  Let's start the bidding!"

I've been looking for a local book printer whose prices are competitive with CreateSpace.  No dice.  A couple could get close to CreateSpace's per-unit price, if I ordered in lots of 500.  I've also been looking for a last-minute way to get myself into FanX.  No leads yet, but keep your fingers crossed.

If you haven't picked up All These Shiny Worlds, the free sci-fi/fantasy anthology what's got a Bryce story in, what are you waiting for?  The ebook is free!  Zero moneys!  Plus it's got stories by some of my favorite indie authors: Christopher Ruz, Becca Mills, Richard Levesque, and our ringleader Jefferson Smith (he of #ImmerseOrDie fame).

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, when a sailor's duties separate him from his homeland and cast him upon the sea, his safe return is assured. If you have the smallest doubt upon the point, you may prove the maxim: simply let slip in casual conversation that a distant relative---some cousin or uncle or childhood friend whom you've never before felt necessary to mention---has been ordered upon a voyage of six months, and that you feel some misgivings for his safety. Nothing is more certain than the haste with which the consoling truths shall be offered. Ships are too sturdy ever to sink. All captains are men of wisdom and prudence, who know where lies every outcropping of rock the ocean wide. The dangers of foreign lands are of no consequence, for a sailor of Britain is beloved in every corner of the world (excepting perhaps America). In short, your distant relation is far safer upon the waves than in his own native climes.  (Chapter 1, Pride & Prejudice & Pneumatics)

See you next month!

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