Progress Report on No Longer Alone

This summer I'm making steady progress on the final polish of my third novel, No Longer Alone. Reducing the word count by tightening the narrative is my daily challenge. I'm quite pleased with how it's coming together as I bring to life Prentis, Avery, and the WWI-era citizenry of northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas. 

As always, my characters face challenges that are quite similar to ours, making this story pertinent for today. The struggles of acceptance within a community, conflict within a church, discernment of the heart, and trust in God during chaos and war are not new life issues.  We face the same tests. The lessons of faith the characters of my story learn can be absorbed to help us navigate a similar world.

I'm hoping to have the manuscript polish complete and my story ready for production by the end of July.  Publishing dates will be determined by the outcome of this appeal on Patreon. I await your support to bring this novel to publication. Please join my team to bring this story to life and to see it out into the wider world.