Progress Report: February 2017
Highlights from January
  • Added App Notifications for Game Events (like Global Nemesis)
  • Loads of background refactorings and UI tweaks

What's Next

It's almost been a year now since I started the project and it's been great. Unlike most of my other projects where I lose interest, I've managed to keep this project going by making it extremely flexible and open to new ideas and features. If I'm bored or burnt out with one feature, I can just start a different one and come back to it later.

For example, recently I've been looking at A-Frames. A 3D graphics framework for the Web, and what better way to try it out than to try out some ideas straight inside FrontierNav!

Anyway, for this month, I'll be further polishing the app's source code and interface. Chances are I'll add some new features along the way but I'm not planning on anything big.

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