Progress Report 2
At the end of January I took a week off from my day job to focus completely on my personal projects, with emphasis on Billy Saves the World.

After five long years, I am happy to say that it looks like I'm pretty much finished with the writing/re-writes. I actually couldn't believe that it's been five years. I had to recount several times, because that is a disgusting amount of time to spend on anything and my brain wouldn't accept it. Yikes. Anyway, here are some stats:

499 Pages.

47,169 Words. 

That's a lot of silly jokes!

I'll probaby add a few more sidequests, but the writing is more or less done! I'll go more in-depth on the writing process on an upcoming episode of my Making Of series, but all I can say is that I'm really glad that's behind me, and I can now focus more heavily on the design phase.

The image included is of our level editor. That's what I'm spending most of my time with at this point. What you're looking at is the North Island of the planet you get dumped on, which now has a name -- Arlet!

For the longest time, I avoided ever giving the planet a name. That was mostly because originally, it was a pretty bare place, and it was completely foreign to you. 

FUN FACT: In the early scripts, you received a map of the planet, and since it was relatively unpopulated, you were given the option to name it, and whatever you called it, it would show up on the top of the map. But now in the script, years later, the planet has been populated, and there's many islands, and even a city. I've sprinkled a tiny bit of lore about the place throughout the game, just to make it feel more 'real.'

For the remainder of the Feb, I will be attempting to get the rest of my designs from paper and put them into the editor. Then we'll need to start scripting everything and actually make a game!