Progress Report #25 - 24.02.2017

Our top 3 milestones:

1. 10.000 Users (46%)

  • 4664 as of today

2. Refactoring of code / Development of web interface to filter and display results

3. 50.000 € in funding

What happened?

1.  4664 Users in 1,5 months!

  • If you want to team up with a friend to battle misinformation & get paid for 3 months full-time, you can apply here. 

2.  Collaboration with Gerben's WebMemex

What's up next?

1. Completing the code merger into one code base

  • Gerben existing code will be merged with ours, so that it has a clean and contributable code base and can be opened up for more contributors. 

2. Writing a Whitepaper explaining our whole project