Progress Report (part 3).
A lot it's been happening in the last couple of days!

- We have now a first version of our always beloved Input3D class!
- Lots of important optimizations, we want the GC to just relax and watch ;)
- Pivot3D, got a nice boost and started to look like a Pivot3D.
- Matrix3D and Vector3D also got a lot of new things and a big cleanup.
- The API is starting to look like an API, and things start to get some shape.
- Added a build batch to compile and compress the lib to a single minified file version, which is likely what we'll use in production.

And most important, we have now our first tiny demo!, which I'll post very soon! :D

If that's not all, I also pushed the very first commits to the GitHub repository!, so expect a lot of movement in there as well :)

So, there is still a lot to do! and a lot to come!, but it's been a lot of fun, and I'm really excited about it!, the next move probably is gonna be towards the tools, so expect something there as well!

It's been 2 crazy weeks!, and I really want to thank you all of you again, the first supporters!, you guys are amazing! and all this only moves forward because of you!