progress update 5/18
Game of Thrones Season 3 SPOILERS 

Today, I've been working on a video related to "A Storm of Swords" Chapter 44. This is the chapter where Jaime and Qyburn leave Harrenhal then return to save Brienne from the Bear.

In this one, I am basically doing a high level audio chapter summary + tidbits (4 minutes) and then I narrate the Fever Dream without explaining it.  So it's sort of an intro into the next video, where I will explain the Fever Dream

The Fever Dream is pretty cool. It has some direct prophesies which have already occurred in seasons 1-6, as well as vague prophesies as to what may be in store for Jaime (but nothing specific, so it won't ruin the show)

I'm working on the animations, and it's taking longer than I thought, so it might roll into tomorrow.

Side note. While looking for still shots of some of the characters to use in this video, I stumbled on a scene that offers evidence that COUNTERS the argument that I made in the "Is Ned an Elite Fighter" video...

"Top Fighter" type videos typically do well. They get many more hits than most of my videos do.  By far lol.  The last Ned one, for example, is at almost 80k views now.  And the "Top 3" from awhile ago is over 200k views.  Totally nuts. 

My point being, fingers crossed, this "Part 2" or "version 2" or whatever I end up calling it, might do well.  Do any of you want me to give a special shoutout to  your youtube channels, podcast, other social media, or businesses? 

Who knows.  The video may end up sucking lol. excuse my language.  If it does, my bad. But I figured I would ask...

Let me know =)

**also, will try to get up a poll with new video options for next week to see what other topics y'all might be interested in. i have 90 more than i listed in the first poll,, so ill share 20 new ones tomorrow*

- Kev