Progress Update + Next Build Plans
Hey everyone,

Apologies for lack of progress updates first of all ): We get swamped occasionally and have to put Social on the backburner, but we've been working hard on completing more of the school campus in preparation for the whole school campus build.

Next up is Takayami Diner, a family style restaurant / school cafeteria combination that is run by the students of Takayama highschool. We're making good progress on this environment, and we're aiming to release a test build later this month. 

As part of a community request, this build will also feature rain! There's a brief clip of rain and dynamic puddles over on our Twitter.

Takayami Diner will be where some dates and mini-games take place, as the students of Takayama High do their best to run the cafeteria with your help.

The Diner level contains a few sub-environments. We have no images to show of the restaurant area just yet, but the kitchen and restrooms are well on their way to being completed!

Thank you to the new Patrons recently, especially thank you since we seemed to have an influx of you guys inexplicably while we were relatively inactive and quiet on here! We try to be active on Patreon and Twitter often, but sometimes it's difficult, although we work hard on Virtual Novel almost every day ^-^

To new Patrons, we have a private Discord channel which we are active on daily, with now quite a large community of other people supporting the project. If you'd like to chat to us or ask questions in there, you are welcome! Private post to follow with the link.

Thanks again to new Patrons and OG Patrons for your support,

Love Devs