Progress update: stormy skies and carrion crows
Here's a progress photo with tonight's work on Macha in Her war chariot. I had a lot of fun blending shades of grays and blues with streaks of bloody red for a storm-rent sky over our battlefield, echoed by Macha's cloak and braids. I heard from several of you that you really liked the photo series on the last painting showing all the stages of completion, so I'm taking lots of photos as I go. I'm making this progress photo public so I can share it and encourage more folks to become patrons. Later I'll put together a full sequence of all the progress photos on this piece and that'll be just for my patrons. The first painting is at the art scanners and I'll be picking it up on Friday, so then I'll be able to deliver the first completed prints and digital downloads for patrons next weekend. Can I tell you how much I'm adoring this project? I am. Loads. More soon!