Progress Update - 1/13/17
 Reminder about this year's goals:
  1. Execute Gig Economy Autism website,, as it is intended 
  2. Revamp "Light of Mourning" Music Album
  3. Capture "Music Legacy Project" film/audio footage
  4. Make Progress on Writing/Drawing "Boxville" fictional story
  5. Help Others (my contacts) reach their success

Here's the progress I have to share to date...
Just to remind is a site I built to help autistic adults make a meaningful living by teaching them how to utilize the gig economy as an alternative to, and/or a springboard for traditional employment. 

 I have the first tutorial up and live on my  site.  

I'm now actively promoting it to get some early users to help validate this model and gain feedback to improve it.

To get the word out, I wrote a blog post  that identified the evolution and iterations of up to its current point. That post was repurposed on LinkedIn Publisher and Medium and has been helping to attract interest from those in and around the autism community.

Met with the President of Edgewood College in Madison, WI about connecting with the school and other local contacts affiliated with the school to promote

Help Others:
I was able to write a post on LinkedIn that encouraged local business owners to consider utilizing my friend's website design/marketing business . My friend was not expecting the post and it was well received by him and my generated some additional marketing exposure for him, and felt great to help out.

That's it for now.

Thanks for following along!