Project Avast - Art Preview 01
Hello there, Meinos Kaen here!

The February release for JPDE is less than 10 days away -even less if you're a 25$+ Patron- and next Wednesday I will also post the next Route Events and New Character polls. That said, remember when I said that I wanted to start giving you stuff other than JPDE in return for your support?

Well, that stuff now has a -WIP- name and a first image you can take a sneak peak. Until I find a better name, it will be called Project Avast, and above you can see the first sketch of the game's world map for the game's setting.

What are your thoughts? What do you think the map tell you about the world the story will take place in? That's a lot of water, isn't it? And who knows what that big landmass surrounded by islands may be...

This project excites me just as much as JPDE does, and they share a few similarities. Which ones? Well... Now that's a seeeecreeet... For now ;) Want to unveil Avast bit by bit alongside its art.  More art previews coming soon! 

The map is being worked on by Sebastian Breit, which you can find on both ArtStation and Deviantart as Stratomunchkin

- Meinos Kaen

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