Project Backing Idea
Hello Patrons !

     I've come to an idea. As you may know, a huge reason for me starting this Patreon was to have a small source of income for when I'm doing projects. It's been a huge help to me; my health just hasn't caught up to it. It was originally started by influence (read: pressure) from my dad who is persisting I take active steps into independence and self-sufficiency. This is another talk for another time. However, now that I am more on a drive to get stuff going for the summer, I thought I might spice things up a bit anyway.

     This is where you come in. I had an idea I could set up the patron rewards to have a list of what you'd like to actively support. This means the 'rewards' section would more become a kind of kickstarter list ? I would put the projects I am currently actively (or wanting to be) developing and you could choose the project you want to help support ! Of course, they will all be done in due time, but the ones with more support will be worked on more (duh). There will also be a 'general support' tier if you'd just like to pitch in some and don't want to or don't feel like choosing a specific project.

     I'd love some feedback on this ! If I don't get any, I'll probably go ahead with it anyway, but my patreon is made for you as much as it is for me, so I want your say in it too.

See you then !