Project Blue Beam "Fire sign"
Could we be facing a false Messiah coming? the rider on the white horse the first one which comes with the numbers 666 which are before God's number 777? will many be deceived believing this is the awaited Jesus of the pre tribulation rapture? Every past date set by so called prophets have failed and continue to be added in the quest of the ultimate return of Jesus Christ ( Messiah) we long for his return and return to our eternal home with Yeshua but we need to be faithful workers in the vineyard so when our master and our Lord return may find us worthy to be his servants and his children faithfully gathering the harvest and sowing gospel seed of truth. we are to be vigilant and sober and not drunk with the wine of sin and of this world separating ourselves from the traditions of men and of this evil empire. coming out of the whore the great babylon which sits on the 7 hills and mountains, the great Vatican where the beast throne is and is worshiped.