Project Greenlight, Clive Barker, and "The Knot"
We are excited about this knot, this is one of our props for "The Knot" a feature we are pitching to Project Greenlight this month and Project Greenlight teamed up with Clive Barker to make a contest, the kind of contest that whichever team or filmmaker wins they will help develop the pitch into a feature, then make that feature within a budget. This month we are making our video pitch of "The Knot" and it will go live on Project Greenlight where we will need your votes and also please consider becoming one of our very own Patreons here where for 4 dollars a month (there are only so many slots at this contribution level) and 8 dollars a level (which will be are normal month asking contribution) will bring you our full Patreon subscription things like production diaries, updates such as this one following our very own story of how far we go with the Project Greenlight/Clive Barker contest and so much more cool shit, so please read our goals and our tipper list and consider joining us on this once in a lifetime Project Greenlight journey and become one of our Hellbender Media Patreon Family. Thank you so much! -Hellbender Media 
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