'Project Fear' Is Back. But Really It Never Went Away.
Downing Street's propaganda machine is once again in full swing. It hasn't revved its engines like this since the referendum (which it lost, remember?) and we're already seeing the media fall in line.

Here's the schedule for what Theresa May has planned in order to sell her "deal" (ha!) to the electorate over the next few weeks, starting with today's doomsaying over the economy (they still don't get what Brexit was really about):

  • November 28: Economy
  • November 29: Security
  • November 30: International trade
  • December 1: Digital
  • December 2: The Brexit deal
  • December 3: Money
  • December 4: Immigration
  • December 5: Transport
  • December 6: Industrial strategy
  • December 7: Brexit for the whole U.K.
  • December 8: Consumers
  • December 9: [Blank]
  • December 10: Agriculture and fish

You'll note December 9th is blank. I imagine that will be the day they attempt to seed violence and transmit pictures around the world of "unruly" or "thuggish" protesters at the pro-Brexit march slated for that day. Indeed, Project Fear is back with a vengeance.

But did it ever really disappear?

Hardly. The newspapers (think... Financial Times, Times of London, Metro, Evening Standard, even the Daily Mail) have been trying to sell us this sack of shit pseudo-Brexit since day one. 

They've been warming us up to failure for so long that people like me are almost thinking, "Yeah, fuck it, whatever, let's just leave" and ordinary middle class Brexiteers are thinking, "Yeah that sounds alright, I guess".

The Mail even demonstrates this in its polling today, which claims: "According to the Survation survey for the Daily Mail, 52 per cent say her plan is the best on the table. Only 19 per cent disagreed".

This is obviously utter rubbish, as most people are still unclear about the details of the deal (so is the government). But nonetheless the fatigue has set in, and Britain just wants to hurry up and leave already.

So what happens now?

Well, we're going to be forced to endure government pronouncements (because they're always so spot on!) every day for the next few weeks. 

Today it was the Treasury bemoaning a "no deal" scenario (the same Treasury that tried to convince us to Remain in 2016). 

Tomorrow it'll be MI5 and police warnings. Then the Department for Trade. And so on and so forth. 

On December 9th we'll see the real nasty stuff from the Remain propaganda machine. Mark my words. Then they'll close with an announcement from the Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs. Then MPs will vote.

One thing the Mail has got right (except the misspelling of 'Corbyn' if you can spot it) is this chart showing what happens next. Enjoy: 


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