Project: ioquake3 autoupdater
The first project is landing!

I've written an autoupdater for ioquake3, with the intention of the game operating much like Google just stays up to date and you don't really notice. This has been a long-time wishlist item for the ioq3 they are locked out of platforms like Steam, they've been stuck telling people to download the game over and over, maybe migrating their mods, or live without new features and fixes.

Once this solidifies, the official builds will just keep staying up to date, which is pretty sweet. And of course, this is optional, so it won't interfere with distro packages and such.

It's early days for this project still, but the approach feels really good--it gives me that weird calm zen feeling you get when a piece of code can't be reduced any further but still performs a disproportionately useful task.

The project is currently sitting in a GitHub Pull Request:

The gory technical details are here:

This was the "functional" project I mentioned. The "fun" project is about to drop, too, but I have to coordinate with a few others, so it'll be a few days still, I think. Stay tuned!