Project Log: 2016-01-18
Ever thought "boy, I'd wish those enemies would fight back"? Well, good news, we're done with the basic AIs =) Over the past week, we added the remaining 10 normal monster AIs we were still missing for G1:

  • Gremlins
  • Wild Boars
  • Cloakers
  • Hellhounds
  • Ogres
  • Werewolves
  • Lycanthropes
  • Argus
  • Gorgons
  • Black Wizard

Since Lycanthropes seem to get experience from hitting them, I had to make some adjustments to the leveling system, to enable monster leveling. In the process I also finally added the level and age up stat bonuses for pets, so they should advance normally now. The system actually allows for all races to have specific level up bonuses, but NPCs default to the bonuses of a 17 year old Human for now.

Then it was Thursday, and with the AIs done, I thought I'd try out what happens when we activate player collision detection, hoping to fix people walking through walls in dungeons... While that worked flawlessly, I learned that invisible props are littered around the world, that originally blocked the paths to certain areas during early Generations. For example, a fence between Bangor and Morva Aisle. Those props are inside the region files, like any other, and are deactivated dynamically by the client, based on feature settings in the prop db. Kinda weird, that design decision =|

Of course, after fixing those invisible props, opening the paths back up, I quickly closed them again, by actually spawning the props, visibly this time  How is that for an update, you're now not able to go to Morva Aisle anymore! Yay! =D I also closed the paths from Emain to Blago Prairie, and from Dunbarton to Port Cobh. These blocking props are only spawned as long as the respective features aren't enabled though. For example, if you enable the feature "PortCeann", the fence in Bangor won't spawn and you'll be able to go to Morva Aisle normally. Check out the new script "others/fences.cs" to see all blocking props we have right now and the features that control them.

To debug the issue of the invisible props, I added a new command, that I originally used to debug dungeons. While it's nothing you would typically need, it's really fascinating to look at. This command (dbgregion) creates an image of the current region in your user folder, based on the prop and client event shapes, so you can tell what's where, as you can see in the header.

Finally, while fighting a Gorgon for fun, I realized we still didn't have Heavy Stander o,o" This would become the last thing I worked on last week, and now you and your enemies are able to "ping!" properly, based on your skills and equipment. Aside from the commonly known passive defenses, like the monster's Passive Heavy Stander, the transformations, and heavy armors, there's one more: all those defenses have active counterparts. You can just give yourself R1 Heavy Stander (20005) and (de)activate it whenever you feel like it.

This next week I will try to close some milestone goals, mainly the skills. We're currently missing 3 G1 skills, going by the issue, and it's about time we get done with those.